Joanna Cutrara

Copywriting and Editing for Creative Brands

"I hired Joanna to be a part of the copywriting team for one of my client programs. She has proven to be not only an amazing copywriter (which I knew before we started working together), but also someone who is caring, conscientious, easy to work with, and attentive to details. 

Working with her is a dream and I don't have any hesitations about recommending her or working with her again!"

- Jenny Shih
Coach & Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs

"What I love most about being connected with Joanna is that she exceeds my expectations every time! It is a pleasure to work with someone who is so organized, diligent, attentive and present. She keeps excellent notes while listening and uses those reflections to fine tune the information that you want to present. She does all of this with enthusiasm, genuine kindness and a good heart!"

- Kallyn Silver Boerner

Birth & Postpartum Doula/Photographer

"Jo is a phenomenal editor -- nothing gets past her eagle eye! I gave her a 40 page book proposal and she turned it around the same day. Not only did she find every error, but she went above and beyond by helping me streamline some of the language.

Jo is sharp, focused, responsive and organized. She's one of the most impressive people I've ever worked with, and her positive energy makes her a joy to be around."

- Matthew MacIntosh

Digital Copywriter & Content Strategist

"I would highly recommend Joanna Cutrara for your writing needs. She’s brought stability to my voice, to the company, and to many areas of my life. 

She has done a great job of helping me to process my thoughts in such a way that their written expression more accurately reflects my voice than my own written word would.When you’re a dream-prone entrepreneur, to have someone with the gift to cross dream and implementation is hard to find but it’s incredible, it’s helped me to not just be a dreamer but be a doer. 

It’s not just that she’s a good writer, she’s also a good project manager, to make sure that the finished product is a reflection both in word and in picture and in usability. That has helped my business’s bottom line. I am grateful to walk with her and hope to continue to do that for years to come." 

- Wendy Clark 
CEO, Carpe Diem Cleaning