Joanna Cutrara

Copywriting and Editing for Creative Brands

Art Commissions

Creativity stirs within all of us, longing for the chance to burst forth into the world. Commissions are a way for you to answer that call of creativity and join with me as a collaborator in the creative process. As a co-creator you’re invited to connect more deeply with your own creative vision and desires, so we can bring to life the beauty within your imagination. Guided by your inspiration, I’ll craft original artwork that’s custom-made for your home or workspace (and for you). You’ll have a unique piece that you’ll also enjoy a very special relationship to.

Heart in Hands, Life Photography - Sessions

Every birth has its own unique path.  I’ve had the privilege of attending many births as a doula, and as your photographer I’m able to anticipate your needs and capture your process completely unobtrusively. Being present for a baby’s earth-side arrival is like no other time in the world. Time collapses and I am there to witness the hard work of your labor, the intensity of birth as well as the gentleness as you hold your baby for the first time. Instead of worrying over who will document some

Heart in Hands, Life Photography - About

I’m a photographer, birth & postpartum doula, wife, sister, daughter, friend and lover of life! I live and play in Durham, North Carolina, and am available to travel for births and family sessions anywhere in-state. As a photographer of life, my approach is journalistic. I come alongside your journey to capture those everyday moments that are your family's heart and soul. In my work as a former photojournalist, I was often in the midst of unpredictable situations where my job was to make the s

Weddings – Courtney Potter

Your wedding is an expression of who you are as a couple, and chances are you’re planning a celebration that’s a little unconventional. Your wedding won’t be traditional – why should your wedding photography? My passion is to help you break free from the mainstream, reject the mediocre, and really, honestly, be true to yourself. Whether you’re planning a casual hoopla on the ol’ family farm or a week-long Indian fusion wedding with enough guests to fill a town, we’ve got a package for you!

The Birth Collective - Philosophy

Giving birth is a deeply personal experience. It can be so many things… exciting, beautiful, messy, challenging, triumphant. The experience is filled with moments that have a special magic to them. The intimacy of your partner supporting you as you labor, that first glimpse of tiny fingers and toes, the delight of a big brother meeting his newborn sister, the life-changing moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. These powerful moments in your family’s story deserve to be captured in all of their depth, detail and intensity–and not as hurriedly snapped, grainy cell phone pictures.

Get Set for Success: a Starter Guide for Parents of Dyslexic Kids

You’re relieved to finally have a diagnosis, but where the heck do you go from here?? There’s so much info to wrap your head around. Everything feels like new territory and you can’t seem to find answers for the problems you’re having right now. Your child has hit some major roadblocks with reading, spelling, and even math. In fact they’re already a few grade levels behind and you’re starting to panic that they’re not going to make it through. You’re doing the best you can at advocating for the