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How Lin-Manuel Miranda Gets Things Done

One look at composer-performer Lin-Manuel Miranda’s list of accomplishments and you’ve got to wonder how he does it all. His first musical, In the Heights, which he wrote and starred in, won four Tony Awards. He’s acted in TV shows, appeared on SNL, and was recently awarded the prestigious MacArthur “Genius” Grant. He wrote the songs for Disney’s animated “Moana,” whose hit song “How Far I’ll Go” was nominated for the 2017 Oscar for Best Original Song. He’ll be starring in Disney’s upcoming Mar
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6 Ways You Can Get Inspired by Red Carpet Style No Matter Your Size

When you watch celebs on the red carpet are you admiring the dazzling gowns and glamorous fashion... or wondering when was the last time that actress ate carbs? The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and I for one will be kicking back with a glass of bubbly to enjoy one of the biggest fashion moments of the year. As a stylist I've seen how celebrity fashion can be an amazing source of inspiration for your personal wardrobe -- the red carpet is fabulous for spotting upcoming trends and gleaning ideas! -- but I've also found that a lot of women really struggle with this.
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This Is How to Properly Introduce Yourself in an Email

Meeting someone in person is pretty straightforward. You smile, shake their hand, tell them your name. But what if you’re not meeting face to face? What if you’re introducing yourself via email? Maybe you’re reaching out to create a new connection, to ask for advice, or a collaboration, or a job. How do you compete with the other 700 emails in their inbox and convince them a response to you is worthwhile? Writing an introductory email can be nerve racking when there’s so much pressure to get th
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Boudoir – Courtney Potter

Boudoir photography is a glorious celebration of you – body and soul. You’ll get to connect more deeply to yourself and your inner goddess, and you’ll come away with some seriously sensual, stunning portraits of yourself. Our approach to boudoir photography is all about collaboration. You are the expert on your gorgeous body, personality, and sense of style. Together we’ll create art – sexy, seductive, liberating art – and have a fucking fabulous time doing it.
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Neil Gaiman’s 5 Must-see Tips on Perfecting Your Writing

There are many celebrated writers in this world, but few ever reach the rockstar-level status of dark fantasy author Neil Gaiman. Fans stand in line for hours at his book signings, only to faint when they finally meet him (or ask him to sign their body so they can get his signature tattooed). His beloved novels and comics—Coraline, Stardust, American Gods, Good Omens, and The Sandman (to name a few)—have gained cult followings and been adapted for the big screen and television.
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Make Friday Your Most Productive Day

Is Friday a super productive work day? Or are you starting to wonder why you bother coming in at all? For many of us, getting through the day on Friday (especially the afternoon) can be a real struggle. Who doesn’t get that #FridayFeeling? After a long week of getting stuff done, we’re just ready for the weekend to begin. Staying focused on work can feel impossible, but indulging in a lighter work day can be guilt-inducing when we expect (or others expect) that we’ll get more work done than we
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10 Hilarious Out of Office Messages You Will Want to Copy

Leaving for vacation? Heading to a work conference? Beset with the flu? You’re taking a break from email correspondence, which means it’s time to set up the dreaded “out of office” message. Not only is it a bore to write, most people will be less than delighted to read it when they were expecting a real response from you. But what if you could turn this necessary evil into a way of engaging with people that’s informative, memorable, and even fun? Maybe they wouldn’t be as disappointed to get yo
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