Joanna Cutrara

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My secret weapon for pulling any outfit together

As a stylist I have a whole stash of secret weapons up my sleeve that I use to make sh*t happen for my clients. And while we were out in the trenches this week (a.k.a. The Mall, Beverly Center, The Plus Blus, Nordstrom, LK Bennett, and other fabulous stores), the secret weapon I used the most was actually one I keep around my waist – my belt. And let’s be clear, I was not using it to drive off competing shoppers or to keep unruly sales staff in line (not that I wasn’t tempted). It actually came in handy for pulling everything together.

Transform your IDEA into your CAREER: Live Webinar @ 4pm PT | 7pm ET!

What are you doing to take action on your dreams? The wonderful thing about personal growth and tapping into your true purpose is that you start to dream big. …But how do you turn those dreams into reality? I can tell you from personal experience, transforming an “idea” into a “career” takes a lot of inspiration and a lot of practical know-how. Which is why I’m so excited to share that my friend Gabby Bernstein is now teaching a digital version of her Spirit Junkie Masterclass – meaning anyone can join, no matter where you are in the world.

Crystal Cave - Style Challenge Day 4 Email

Okay, Gorgeous! Now that you’re wearing this amazing outfit that you pre-planned it’s time to share your new style with the world (or at least a close-knit sisterhood of amazing women that are here to love and support you)! Strike a confident pose and snap a pic. We are all here rooting for you. You’ve taken some amazing first steps in your journey of transformation. Really owning your look is just as important as creating it. Embrace the confidence you get from looking and feeling great, and give us your best Wonder Woman impression!

Feel (and look) like a million bucks at your next family gathering

Do holiday travel plans stress you out? I love spending time with my family as much as the next person, but holiday travel comes with a lot of pressure. Trying to pack can be a chaotic nightmare, and then when you finally reach your destination it can feel like you're constantly under scrutiny. "No, I'm not married yet." "No, we don't have kids yet." "Yes, I'm pursuing a career you don't value or understand." "No, I do not appreciate your comments about my weight." "What's that? Would I like another glass of wine? Yes, thank you, I would." You show up for Thanksgiving only to realize you're at an Inquisition.

Crystal Cave - Style Challenge Day 3 Email

Don’t you hate those hectic mornings where you try on outfit after outfit, searching for something that fits and actually looks good, until you finally have to settle for a slightly schlumpy outfit that’s kind of a letdown... and you’re already 10 minutes late? Yah, we’ve all been there. Instead, why not have a morning routine that’s relaxed and even (gasp!) FUN? For today’s challenge I want you to pick out the outfit that you’ll wear, not today, but tomorrow.